World Processor powered by Geo-Cosmos (WPxGC)

Thematic groupings of World Processor digital animations created specifically for the GeoCosmos II, a 6m diameter spherical OLED display on view at Miraikan, the National Museum for Innovation and Emerging Sciences in Tokyo, Japan. These animations and their respective soundtracks visualize and represent data on political conflicts, social issues, and the natural world. The animations are grouped into thematic presentations that are shown throughout the day at Miraikan. This project develops out of Günther's ongoing World Processor series, begun in 1988, about which the artist has said: "...every globe requires the invention of a new code in order to represent the data appropriately and effectively...I am challenged by the incomprehensibility of the world's totality."

For more information on this project see: Miraikan "Tsunagari" Project

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